Gross is a celebration of the yucky things in life. Five great songs about the icky stuff your body produces.


released February 24, 2015

Mixed and Mastered and Produced by Neil Zumwalde
Music and Lyrics by Bryan Atchison and Neil Olstad



all rights reserved


Koo Koo Kanga Roo Minneapolis, Minnesota

Two dudes from Minneapolis who LOVE to party. We teach you dance moves, we teach you sing a longs, we all do them together and get crazy sweaty.


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Track Name: Everybody Poops
so what the heck
were you thinking
its gotta come out
no reason to pout

I can’t believe
you’re embarrassed
pooping is fun
just flush when you’re done

its a well known fact
a simple natural act
it must pass through your tract
on the daily
on the daily

everybody poops
everybody poops
everybody poops

it might be stuck
fiber’s the trick
to making it slick

or possibly
its all leaky and wet
you’re stuck on the toilet

you’re waiting in the queue
your face is turning blue
you must go number two

in a hurry

everybody poops
everybody poops
everybody poops

girls poop
and boys poop
and dogs poop
and cats poop too
you know its true

big turds
and wet turds
and small turds
and round turds too
float in the loo

moms poop
and dads poop
and whales poop
and you poop too
you know you do

its sloppy
and icky
and stinky
and drippy too
its not taboo
Track Name: Pick It and Flick It
Pick it and flick it and do it again

Eh Yo I’m digging for gold
yeah I’m mining my nose
and if you look under my nails
crusty boogers in tow
its getting out of control
my momma tells me no
steady cramming all five digits into my nostrils (nahs-trolls)
ask around town locals know whats up
..scraping out my nose hole and I think its stuck
..gonna get it loose with a little luck
..flick it at your face, I suggest you duck

Booger, booger, booger on the wall
I can feel you up there, gonna make you fall
started real small, roll it into a ball
flying’ across the room till its stuck on the wall
step on the scene with my team and a dream
redecorate this room in a shade of green
some people think that Im weird, calling me obscene
unlimited ammo if you know what I mean
Track Name: Hocking A Loogie
I saw your nose was running, it was winter
you sucked the snot into your head
You’re not the type of dude to use a tissue
it’s coming out your mouth instead

I’m feeling stuffed up, oh I feel conjested
i need a way just to get it out
I loaded up this mega jucy snotball
Ill let it fly right out my mouth

Hocking a loogie
go on and sue me
Hocking a loogie
What you think about that?
Hocking a loogie
go on and sue me
Hocking a loogie

It could be yellow, or it could be green
or just a perfect shade of clear
but in the end the color doesn’t matter
my killer aim you gotta fear

Im loving loogies, just not in my burger
especially not in my wonton soup
but if you gotta, I will eat your loogies
Its better than eating runny pidgeon poop

Hocking a loogie
go on and sue me
Hocking a loogie
What you think about that?
Hocking a loogie
go on and sue me
Hocking a loogie
Track Name: Poppin' That Zit
That’s it
for the zit
that just won’t quit
next time I see a mirror
gonna pinch it a bit
blackhead, whitehead
giving me me a fit
time- to put the presssure on it
lickedy split

Yeah, I got acne
ain’t it classy?
answer any question ‘bout zits
wanna ask me?
..kinda rashy
I’ve got these pimples
running up and down my face like a track meet

I’m breaking out again
I just can’t win
Is that a blemish on my mug
or a bowling pin?
and much to my chagrin
I can’t see the end
Pizza face forever
you can lock it in

Go ahead, Connect the Dots
grab a pen, touch em all
yeah, there’s lots and lots
gotta give me props
I can tie lots of knots
bumps all over like the Chicken Pox

I see the haters in my rearview
got some bumps on my grill, what’s it to you?
chillin hard like a panda eatin’ bamboo
im pelican fly, you’re just an emu

Scrubbing my face all day and night
hoping that this soap will make things right
I got one small wish, in my life
that my clear face and I will reunite

Your face is a battlefield, fight the war
popping zits brings me joy down to my core
I’m going door to door to build a rapport
now my whole block knows what the clearasil is for

Six on my forehead, three on my nose
getting’ real mad, gonna treat em like foes
and when I strike a pose, what do you see the most?
all these tiny zits lined up in rows
Track Name: Who Farted?
You smelt it
you dealt it
that is a load of poo
Pull my finger,
I got a zinger
this ones coming for you.

I was standing right there by your side
reeks so bad I thought that I would die

Hey who farted?
It could be me it could be you.
Hey who farted? PU.

you denied it
you supplied it
i’ve got my eye on you
You crop dusted
Now you’re busted
Maybe I tooted too

you ripped a wet one while we were playing twister
then you had the nerve to blame your sister

Hey who farted?
yeah everybody was smelling you.
Hey who farted? PU.

We all just farted and everybody loves smelling you
Group Farts
Roll call.

A juicy lucy
Deviled eggs
Rapid fire
Cute one
Skid marks
The Squeaker